Gabe Berke-Williams


I have years of experience with complex Rails applications. I'm extremely proficient with all parts of modern web applications including SQL and JavaScript, and I've enjoyed my dabblings in Haskell. When not writing web applications, I like to fiddle with Vim. I appreciate TDD, sharing knowledge, and clear, empathetic communication.


Hired Senior Staff Engineer, July 2017 - current

  • Implementing best practices and styleguides with broad input
  • Mentoring junior developers
  • Maintaining and improving an admin backend used by entire sales and talent advocate teams

thoughtbot Senior Developer, May 2011 - May 2017

  • Led teams of developers and designers to develop and maintain web applications for clients on projects lasting from 1 to 6 months.
  • Full-stack developer for many Rails applications, all built using TDD.
  • Open source contributor: Wrote and maintained the fake_braintree gem for three years.
  • Excellent technical communicator: Reviewed and edited all articles for thoughtbot's popular blog for 4 years. Wrote most of the blog's custom backend architecture and two of the blog's most popular articles: "sed 102" and "How to Make a Chrome Extension". Created the shell programming course on Upcase, thoughtbot's learning platform.
  • Mentor: Ran thoughtbot's apprentice program and mentored many apprentices.

Teacher at Metis Bootcamp April 2014 - November 2014

I taught for half a year at Metis, an intensive Ruby on Rails bootcamp that covered every part of a Rails app from DNS records to ActiveRecord.


Croniker: scheduling for Twitter usernames

Croniker is a Haskell web application that lets users schedule changes to their Twitter name and profile picture (like Buffer). I conceived and built the application by myself. This project led directly to a blog post on Twitter's complex Unicode rules.

Railsbridge Volunteer September 2013 - present

I volunteered at RailsBridge Boston for 2 years. As part of the leadership team in Boston, I coordinated events and formalized all of the event documentation for new members. I now volunteer at Railsbridge in San Francisco.


A Vim plugin to run tests using any external dispatcher. This is one of the few Vim plugins written using TDD, as detailed in "Write a Vim Plugin with TDD".


Brandeis UniversityBS in Computer Science, May 2011