Hello! Here are some of my projects.


Croniker (Cron + moniker) lets you schedule changes to your Twitter name, bio, and profile picture. Did you think of a good Halloween name and picture…in April? Try Croniker!


fake_braintree spins up a local server that responds just like Braintree, so that you can avoid hitting Braintree servers in tests.I created and maintained the project for 3 years before handing it off.

Hotline Webring

Do you long for a simpler time, when America was Online and the only person you could Ask was Jeeves? Hotline Webring is bringing that time back, with Webrings!

I started a webring in 2016 and it has succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. You can join right now, for free!

Jokemon Red

I played through Pokemon Red and wrote down my thoughts on the deeply weird and lonely world of training to be the very best (like no one ever was).

Astronaut, a very short game

Can you survive the vicious creatures?


Strange, interesting, and affecting tumblrs. Paul Ford follows the account, just saying.