Hello! Here are some of my projects.

most-used Haskell

Goes through your Zsh or Bash command history and shows you your most-used commands, so that you know to alias them. You can see the source code here.

Croniker Haskell

Croniker (Cron + moniker) lets you schedule changes to your Twitter name, bio, and profile picture. Did you think of a good Halloween name and picture…in April? Try Croniker! You can see the source code here.

fake_braintree Ruby

fake_braintree spins up a local server that responds just like Braintree, so that you can avoid hitting Braintree servers in tests.I created and maintained the project for 3 years before handing it off.

Hotline Webring Ruby

Do you long for a simpler time, when America was Online and the only person you could Ask was Jeeves? Hotline Webring is bringing that time back, with Webrings!

I started a webring in 2016 and it has succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. You can join right now, for free!

Jokemon Red

I played through Pokemon Red and wrote down my thoughts on the deeply weird and lonely world of training to be the very best (like no one ever was).

Astronaut Twine

Can you survive the vicious creatures?


Strange, interesting, and affecting tumblrs. Paul Ford follows the account, just saying.