Hello! I’m Gabe Berke-Williams, a developer in San Francisco.

I work at thoughtbot, a multi-technology consulting and development firm. I lead consulting teams, edit and write many blog posts, write a lot of Rails code, and I contribute heavily to thoughtbot’s open source projects.

I am passionate about helping other people in the programming community. I taught Ruby on Rails at Metis, an intensive bootcamp created with Kaplan Inc. I also led thoughtbot’s apprenticeship program and helped organize Railsbridge Boston, a two-day Ruby/Rails workshop for women. I contributed heavily to Railsbridge Boston’s curriculum and virtual machine.


The best way to contact me is via email at gabebw@gabebw.com. My resume is available here.


Thank you to Edward for his help with CSS.

Thank you to my mom, for taking the GBW 1988 picture.

Thank you to Taylor Swift, for never going out of (cascading) style.